Rules and Regulations

Postal items that are visible and identifiable will not be accepted under any circumstances. However, if the contents of the packages are not declared by the sender or if any measures prevent their contents from being seen, the responsibility will be waived from the delivery couriers, and the sender will bear all legal responsibilities.

  • Warsaw Convention Rules
  • Insurance Rules
  • Delivery Rules and Avoidance of Receiving Goods
  • Sender's Commitments Regarding:
  • Type of Goods
  • Packaging Method
  • Accuracy of Information Provided by the User

Domestic Post Regulations

Receiving and sending the following items is prohibited

  • Goods that have legal and religious prohibitions
  • Military equipment, weapons, ammunition, various types of cold and hot weapons
  • Gambling tools and alcoholic beverages
  • Narcotics and psychotropic substances
  • Radioactive and explosive materials
  • Corrosive and acidic chemical substances
  • Satellite devices
  • Valuable items such as gold, money, and jewelry

Export Prohibitions

  • Food items
  • Employment and chemical materials
  • Medicine
  • Battery

For more information, please contact the relevant number

Internal 106

Import Prohibitions

  • Battery
  • Money, gold, and jewelry
  • Chemical substances
  • Goods that can create employment
  • Items without health permits
  • Items prohibited by religious laws
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