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ddd, with international and domestic air transportation capabilities, can import your packages and shipments from around the world to Iran through various airlines.

Online Tracking

Track your shipment online from the time of order placement until delivery and stay informed about the latest status of your order. ASP always strives to provide online tracking for import and export shipments to our customers.


ddd International Post, with an air freight license from the following authorities, provides all export services for valued customers in Door to Door and freight services (customs clearance is the responsibility of the company).

Why Choose ASP for Air Cargo?
At ASP, we take pride in being trusted by over 5,000 customers.
They quickly and affordably imported my package from China to Iran and cleared it through customs.
They rapidly processed the shipment of my academic documents to the United States.
They purchased and imported a product for me from Germany and handled the customs clearance themselves.
Having offices in other countries made the shipment process very easy for me.
Their office in the UAE made my import from Dubai really easy and I no longer have to worry about the shipping time and the safety of my cargo.

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Membership and Account Creation

In the first step, to register an order, track, and other facilities, you must first become a member of the website. Joining the site is a very simple process.

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